IoT Experimenters

IoT Experimenters is a free and open event for anyone to join, from beginners to advanced. Sessions provide a unique opportunity to get hands-on with IoT technology. Explore, play, tinker and experiment with this ubiquitous technology with friendly patient support. Also, you can join our online community to keep in touch between meetings on Discord.

Meetings are held every 3rd Sunday of each month, from 1 pm to 3 pm. No booking is required.
Parks Library – 46 Trafford St, Angle Park SA 5010

Contact: Robert Hart at Enfiled Library for more details.

We had a recent article about our Citizen Science projects by Cosmos Magazine

Technologies we explore include:
Wireless Technologies – LoRa, Bluetooth, LTE mobile data, Wi-Fi, SDR Systems and other wireless systems.
Microcontrollers – Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and other platforms
Consumer Off-the-shelf home automation products and systems
Open Source Software – Arduino IDE, Python, Raspbian, Ubuntu, Node-Red, InfluxDB, Grafana,
Other systems like Home Assistant and Arduino Cloud
Electronics, wiring, soldering, hardware, solar, sensors, controllers etc.
Access to tools, soldering, laptops, and parts.

Free advice and support from real experts
Programming, coding, and open-source systems with Paul Schulz
Electronics and hardware construction methods with Robert Hart
Electronics and Science with Clive Goldsmith

Group Projects
You can also participate in the design of projects, offer ideas for improvement and help to build, deploy and analyse data. Here are some of the projects we have completed:

From time to time, we will run specific workshops related to these projects or as required by participants of the group. This may include: Home Assistant, Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi and Node-Red