Anyone with a SA Library Card can access the Parks Library Makerspace after completing a room induction and agreeing to a code of conduct ( Download186 KB pdf).

A Makerspace is a dynamic and collaborative learning environment that provides access to materials, tools, and technology for people to explore, learn, and create. These spaces can be found in various settings, such as classrooms, libraries, and standalone buildings, and are designed to be flexible and adaptable to support a wide range of activities with diverse educational goals.

Makerspaces emphasises fostering play, exploration, and participatory learning, where learners can engage in informal learning opportunities that connect home, school, and community. The collaborative learning environment encourages educators and learners to share skills and knowledge, work together on projects, and engage in teaching and learning tasks.

Makerspaces also aims to develop a culture of creating rather than just consuming, encouraging learners to take an active role in designing and making things rather than being passive consumers of technology and media.

At the PAE Libraries, the Parks Makerspace, located in the Parks Library, have a wide range of tools, equipment, materials, and workspace benches to bring your ideas to life. While the space may seem small, it is part of a more extensive network of Makerspaces and STEM library locations, including Greenacres, Enfield, and Port Adelaide. With the ability to roll out and run workshops and events in community rooms, these spaces provide opportunities for people to come together to learn, create, and innovate.

The Parks Makerspace is available to our community to make anything from crochet to 3D printing, Painting, Lazer Cutting, Electronics, Metalworking, Woodworking and Textiles. Anything you can create has a home in our Makerspace. Look on SignUp to book one of our regular equipment introductions, inductions and workshops.