Recreational Surfaces

Manufactured surfaces are increasingly being used to reduce maintenance and water usage worldwide. These new surfaces also provide improved sports characteristics offering consistent surface durability, comfort and performance.

Most sports are now played on synthetic or artificial surfaces at both competitive and recreational levels. Sports pitches have transformed the availability, durability, and accessibility of football, soccer and rugby facilities for school and community user groups nationwide.

Hockey, netball, basketball, and athletics are almost exclusively played on synthetic surfaces at a competitive level. Other sports, such as tennis, volleyball, cricket, and badminton, have also benefitted from the development of sports surface technology.

This citizen science project explores how these different surfaces affect the surrounding air, surface and ground temperatures. Anyone can participate in this citizen science project through our IoT Experimenters community group, made possible with the support of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Parks and Gardens. All information, materials, systems and data will be publically available, and we welcome constructive discussion regarding our processes and conclusions.

Croydon Kings Soccer Facility – Regency Park