Recreational Surfaces

The use of manufactured surfaces has become increasingly popular worldwide among commercial and community organisations due to their numerous benefits. These surfaces offer superior sports characteristics, consistent durability, and improved comfort and performance for athletes.

Today, many sports are played on synthetic surfaces at competitive and recreational levels. The widespread adoption of sports pitches has improved the availability, durability, and accessibility of football, soccer, and rugby facilities nationwide for schools and community groups.

In addition, sports such as hockey, netball, basketball, and athletics are now almost exclusively played on synthetic surfaces at the competitive level. Other sports, such as tennis, volleyball, cricket, and badminton, have also significantly benefited from the technological advancements in sports surface development.

The Project

This citizen science project utilizes various LoRaWAN IoT Systems to investigate and compare the impact of different surfaces on surface, ground, and surrounding air temperatures. The project is open for anyone to participate in through the IoT Experimenters group, which meets monthly at Enfield Library.

The project is made possible through collaboration and support from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Parks and Gardens. All materials, data, and information collected during the project will be made publicly available, and constructive discussion regarding the processes and conclusions is welcome.

Through this project, participants can gain insights into the effects of different surfaces on temperature and contribute to advancing scientific understanding in this field. This project is an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in citizen science, environmental research, and IoT technology to come together and collaborate on a common goal.

We want to highlight that our community participants in the IoT Experimenters Group have created this Citizen Science project. We invite everyone to join us in this initiative, as we believe that crowdsourcing knowledge is an excellent way to foster transparency and collaboration. All the information we gather is available to anyone, free of charge. So, if you’re interested in contributing to this project or simply curious about it, please join us!