Temperature probes

In this project, we are using the low-cost Dragino LSN50v2-D23 module. We chose this sensor for the Recreational Surfaces project as it comes ready with self-contained LoRaWAN electronics, a long-life battery, an antenna and three waterproof temperature probes measuring -55°C ~ 125°C. The probes are colour-coded red, black and white to allow matching the reading with the probe.

This allows us to measure surface temperature and what happens above and below the Recreational Surface. Indicating how quickly the surface is heated/cooled, what heat is being conducted into the ground and how much heat is reflected into the air. Our LoRaWAN IoT System enables this information to be monitored live over the internet taking measurements every 5 minutes. For a deeper dive into the technical details, visit Paul’s blog.

LSN50v2-D23 — LoRaWAN Waterproof /Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Our first installation was at the newly constructed Soccer Field at Regency Park. The sensors’ electronics were enclosed inside a box bolted to the fence post to reduce public tempering. This also provided us with something to affix a small Stevenson screen for our air sensor. Further, the enclosure offered something to firmly attach a conduit from the box to the surface and ground sensors to protect sensor cables from weather damage or probe tampering.

The Red temperature sensor was slid ~200mm horizontally immediately under the Artificial Turf’s backing layer to measure surface temperature. The Black sensor was inserted ~200mm vertically into the Compacted Subgrade to measure ground temperature. The White sensor was enclosed in a small Stevenson screen ~1 metre above the Artificial Turf surface. This will be repeated at all site locations to ensure consistent comparisons.