Arduino Basics

Learn how to program and use the world-famous Arduino IDE with our easy-to-use plug-and-play Crowtail kits.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Arduino!

  1. An easy introduction to Physical Computing
  2. An easy introduction to Electronics
  3. Build interactivity into your projects
  4. Build awesome projects!
  5. Helps you become a Problem-Solver

Arduino is a cheap and useful skill everyone should learn. Once you do you’ll find an amazing community of people building awesome projects with easy-to-follow instructions and open-source examples you can copy and modify.

Arduino is a flexible and easy-to-learn open-source development platform that enjoys great fame among makers, hackers and interactive artists. We are using the Elecrow Advanced Kit for Arduino to help you get more knowledge of Arduino than the Elecrow start kit for Arduino. It contains the most popular accessories for DIY projects, such as a PIR sensor, Flame sensor, serial WIFI, 4-Digit Display, I2C LCD, etc. With the straightforward instructions in the kit, you can easily dig into the Arduino world and start your own Arduino project.

Crowtail is a modular, ready-to-use toolset, it takes a building block approach to assemble electronics. It simplifies and condenses the learning process significantly.

The Crowtail products are basic-functional modules that consist of a Base Shield and various modules with standardized connectors. Each Crowtail module has specific functions, such as light-sensing or temperature-sensing. With these Crowtail modules, users do not need to deal with the mess of jumper wires or debug the electronic circuits, they can plug the Crowtail modules into the base shield and then play!