Tools and materials for home

Below is a suggestion of Tools and Materials that will help you make things at home.

Two of the most commonly used screwdrivers in STEM Squad are the No2 Philips and the 3mm Slotted screwdriver. But, when it comes to taking things apart, you will encounter many different kinds of screws. So if you are intending to pull things apart, which we highly encourage, more screwdrivers will be needed.

Common Screw Head Types
The most useful screwdriver is the 3mm flat head, great for terminal blocks
No 2 Philips Screw Driver
You might want to consider a multi-bit screwdriver set, the are many kinds and sizes. These are great if you are pulling apart things with different kinds of screws.

Other useful tools

Robust Scissors with pointed ends not only for cutting but also to poke holes.
Some things to mark out, measure and draw circles
Glue Gun
Wire Stripper and Wire cutter
A pair of side cutters can make it easier to cut wires, bamboo skewers and even strip wires.
A pair of small long nose or middle nose pliers are handy for gripping and bending things. Sometimes they have cutters in them too.

Useful materials
Not everything needs to be new! Many good materials can be found in the rubbish or by pulling apart broken or no longer wanted toys, technology and machines. Wire, screws, springs, motors, LEDs, cogs, axles, bearing and brackets to name a few.

Collect and pull apart all the broken stuff around the house and put the parts in a box for use in your projects, including any old or broken toys. Motors, wires, battery holders, screws nuts and washers are great to keep. When you are out walking or driving many old printers, scanners, etc. can be found left on the side of the road. Note: For things found outside your home be sure to use gloves, clean it down with a spray cleaner and then leave it dry for 24 hours before pulling apart.
Terminal blocks are very useful for connecting wires together
Paddle pop Sticks
Thin style Bamboo Skewer ~2.5-3mm
Paper Straw are not only good for construction but make an excellent bearing for bamboo squire axial.
Collect all your plastic jar and bottle lids, they make great wheels and gears.
PVC Tape is very useful in that it can be peeled off and reused. It is also a good electrical insulator.
DC Geared Motor with gearbox ans wires 3 – 9V
Two Cell AA Battery Holder with switch
LEDs Light Emitting Diodes , Cutting up old LED Christmas lights are a good alternative as they come with wire atteched.